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Minolta Minoltina P

This is one of the cameras that make you want to work for them. Yeah. So, I'm not the best at estimating distance. I like the zone focusing cameras with goofy childlike icons of a human head, three people and mountains on the lens because they generally help make sure I know what I'm doing and kinda make the experience a tiny bit more fun than it already is. When it comes to being precise with measuring distances, though, I prefer to relay on a rangefinder or a prism giving me real time visual cues, you know. With viewfinder cameras things become more tricky. The Look Minoltina P is one such tricky camera. It's also very beautiful and weirdly modern looking despite coming from the 1960s and staying within contemporary design principles. I mean look at the current in vogue gear like Fuji X100V. Someone was looking around when they designed it. I swear there's the same blood in their veins, esthethically speaking. And also, the lens is a pancake. Who doesn't love panc

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